Other Programs and Features

Five programs produced and written
by Paul Gionfriddo

The Night of the Auk

This original WTIC radio drama, long thought to be lost, was recently discovered by Tom C. Miller of Superior, Wisconsin, who kindly shared it with us. It is based on a 1956 Broadway play by Arch Oboler, and was one of a series of special programs marking the dedication of Broadcast House on November 27th, 1961. It was adapted and produced for radio by WTIC producer Paul Gionfriddo.  The story concerns a group of space travelers returning to Earth after the first Moon landing.
Featured in the cast were actors from Hartford’s Theater Seven plus the voices of WTIC’s Bruce Kern and Bob Ellsworth.
The broadcast was engineered by Bill Lobb and John Reno.

Hootenanny Road Show
with Brad Davis

Same Time, Same Station:
an interview with Dick Bertel
and engineer/webmaster Bob Scherago

by John and Larry Gassman - December, 2010

New: WTIC 35th Anniversary Programs
Hosted by Bruce Kern: the first half hour
features a contemporary drama commemorating
the first WTIC Broadcast 2/10/1925

The second half hour features a November, 1937
broadcast of "The Guy Hedlund Players"

Audio and Video from the
WTIC Alumni Site

This  site was created by and dedicated
to Bill Clede, and now maintained by
fellow former WTIC Engineer
David Kaplan.

Here you will find additional audio and video
features, some airchecks, and some that
have never been on the air.
Check it out.

With Dick Bertel

A visit to Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts
on Thanksgiving 1967
(November 23, 1967)
Recorded on location by Bob Scherago
Produced and edited by Chuck Renaud

A Connecticut Yankee
in Mark Twain's House

With Ed Begley and Bob Steele - 1968
Bob takes us on an audio tour of the Mark Twain House
in Hartford, and interviews Mr. Clemens himself
(as played by Ed Begley)

The Night of the Encounter
Anchored by Dick Bertel
Mariner 4 takes the first closeup photos of Mars
Features the first ever radio broadcast over a laser beam!The Other Side of Midnight

Following Mariner 4’s flyby of Mars in 1965 the spacecraft continued its journey through the Solar System for more than two years before communications were finally terminated in late December, 1967.

The Other Side of Midnight
On July 27, 2017, almost 50 years after Mariner 4’s last transmission, Dick Bertel and Dick Hoagland teamed up again on Hoagland’s late night radio program “The Other Side of Midnight “to recall the Mariner 4 flight and to reminisce about their original broadcast more than half a century earlier.

WTIC Promotional Recording - 1965
This was a special recording to be used as a sales tool
Recorded in the WTIC Studios by various studio engineers

WNLK - The House of Retribution
An original radio drama by Dick Bertel
(nee Bertelmann) before his days at WTIC

The Second Cataclysm
The story of World War Two as it was heard on WTIC
All materials taken from 16 inch original acetate transcriptions
found in the WTIC archives
Presented on WTIC's 35th anniversary,
February 10, 1960.
Writer and Producer: Paul Gionfriddo
Narrator: Dick Bertel - Announcer: Bruce Kern

The Story of Welkin
With Bob Steele, John Dando, Phil Steele,
George Bowe, Bruce Kern, and Ed Anderson
(Recorded in the mid-1950s)

Jean Colbert Program
With Ed Anderson
A 1960 interview with NBC Announcer Jerry Damon
about his plans to purchase Ellis Island

A Tribute to Ed Begley
With Dick Bertel and George Bowe - 1970
Recorded shortly after Mr. Begley's death

The story of Greenwich, Connecticut's
First Radio Station

WTIC 38th Anniversary Program
The Twenties, the Times that Gave Birth to WTIC 38 Years Ago
Broadcast: February 9, 1963, WTIC, Hartford
Narrator: Dick Bertel
Announcer: Ed Anderson
A retrospective of the era of Flappers, Prohibition and Bathtub Gin
Featuring: Historic voice and music recordings from the collection of WTIC radio producer Brian Hartnett
Engineer: Bill Lobb
Written and Produced by Paul Gionfriddo

WTIC 40th Anniversary Program
Four Hours
Week of February 10, 1965
Narrated by Dick Bertel

WTIC 45th Anniversary Program
February 10, 1970
Narrated by Dick Bertel

WTIC 50th Anniversary Program
February 10, 1975
Narrated by Dick Bertel
Highlights of the show recorded by listener
Charles Jordan in New Hampshire.

WTIC-TV/WFSB (Channel 3)
50-Year Anniversary Broadcast - 2007
(Provided by David Kaplan)

Old Time Radio Links
Links to other Old Time Radio sites

The Dick Bertel Show
The history of Connecticut Radio - 1976

Bob Steele - On The Record

This was a commercial recording especially made
as a promotion for listeners in the mid-1970s.
Recorded in the WTIC studios by Bob Scherago
and Produced by Chuck Albert

Also included here are excerpts from Bob's 35th anniversary show

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