WGCH-FM - Greenwich, Connecticut

For a few brief years, following World War Two, Greenwich, Connecticut had its own FM station, dedicated to the service of the community. It played a variety of music but concentrated mostly on light classical and classical themes. It featured discussion programs, interviews with Greenwich personalities, including pianist Alec Templeton, opera star Robert Merrill, radio/TV personality Bud Collyer, and even a weekly quiz program from the stage of the Pickwick movie theater.

All that remains today are a few air checks dating from 1949 to 1952. They have been carefully and lovingly remastered in digital format to preserve them for future generations.

Appearing on this presentation:

1. Walter S. Lemmon, President of WGCH-FM
2. Dick Bertelmann, announcer
3. Earle Price, announcer
4. Frank Tedero, vocalist
5. Bill Gray, jazz record collector

6. Dick Bertel (Bertelmann), narrator

Produced and Digitally Remastered by Robert I. Scherago

Left to right:  Jack Hines, Program Manager
Lan Gordon, Sales Manager,
Mrs. Carl Jensen
Walter S. Lemmon, President
Town Topics Director, Gertrude Warner
Dick Bertelmann, Announcer

More photos, courtesy Jim Thompson
Dick Bertelmann, Larry Donino
Group Photo
(For Christmas Card, 1950)

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