Letters from Listeners
(Updated 1/1/2018)


I grew up with my dad listening to 'TIC and I liked '[W]POP & '[W]DRC until I "grew up", then I started listening, especially to The CBS Radio Mystery Theater @ 10pm & Bob Steele in the am (I can still play his opening in my head).

Now I collect Old Time Radio (and "OLD" music, movies & TV) having thousands of radio shows . . . hope you don't mind me sharing "One night ..." with a small group of friends. I think 'TIC is what got me into listening & collecting the old stuff (Bob Steele's fault) I haven't watched any prime time network TV in 10 maybe 20 years (exception sports), not even any Star Wars but I have every one of the Blondie movies . . . Charlie Chan was also a favorite.

Born too late, I missed most of the old radio shows live (not all) but I still get to listen & enjoy them still, because others shared.



Dear Dick,

I just finished listening to the interview you did with Jack Bishop regarding Gangbusters and Mr. District Attorney two great shows.

The interview was very interesting and made me appreciate those shows even more.

 I am in my 60s.  I began listening to regular over the air radio in the late 50s.

 The first station I heard was WINS New York.  In those days, they played rock 'n' roll.  Most people know them as an all news station because they have been doing it for over 52 years and in my opinion, they wrote the book on how all news radio should be presented.

I discovered your site a couple of years ago. I wish I could have heard the shows when they originally aired on WTIC but thanks to the internet, many places exist that honor the golden age of radio.

 In 1962, I heard the last episodes of Yours Truly Johnny Dollar and Suspense on CBS Radio.  After that, I thought my interest in old-time radio had left but on the contrary.

 Thanks to what you and others offer online, my desire to hear these shows and more about the people who created them increases every day.

 Thank you for what you put on WTIC in the 70s and for keeping OTR alive online.


 Lawrence Stoler

 Stamford, CT.

P.S.  I was sorry to read about the deaths of Ed Corcoran and Arnold Dean.  What happened to the collection Ed owned and brought to your program?  His knowledge, interest and enthusiasm added so much to the weekly shows  both of you hosted. 

The sad thing is if the idea you had were presented today, it wouldn't  be accepted by most stations and the big mega media groups.


Thank you for making all of the “A One Night Stand with the Big Bands” available. I will be listening to every one of them. What a treasure trove of history. I was born well after the big band era. But I love the music. I especially enjoy the stories behind the music. I found the program by searching the Tune In app on my iPhone.

 Thanks once again,

David Lubbers


I love the 'TIC web site, I grew up with the station (along with WPOP & WDRC)

I also thought you might like to see the Old Time Radio Researcher Group Site.

I've listened to WTIC since Bob Steele was waking up Connecticut listeners, I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my dad, me with a bowl of oatmeal and him with a cup of coffee. Long after I got married and my Dad past away, I still listened to Bob and thinking of my Dad. I then looked forward to the weekend when Bob would do his show after he retired, well . . sort of retired, I even liked his taste in music, but I liked hearing him best. I also remember listening to the CBS Radio Mystery Theater when it came on at 10pm. . . . . Then we grow old.

Lots to explore here
Be sure to check the "Radio Times"
1,000's of radio programs available

a couple other sites you might also want to see:


Thanks so much. Listening to the interviews is educational and very, very entertaining! You folks are to be commended for putting up such wonderful links to the past.

Guy Yocom


Hello dick,

My name is John Gassman and I thought I'd drop you a quicknote to tell you how much I and my brother Larry enjoyed these interviews.

Larry and I have collected the shows since about 1971 and played them on the air localy and nationally for 20 years. We began doing the show Same time Same
Station again on the internet in February of 2010.

With the Old radio club SPERDVAC and on our own shows, we interviewed over 400 radio personalities.

The wonderful thing about the interviews you and Ed did was that they were excellent and more important, you got people who were already gone by the time Larry and I started doing interviews in 1980 or so.

Not enough attention is paid to the history of the individuals who made radio possible. That is why what you have created is so valuable.

Congratulations on doing such an excellent show. I had some of them in the collection but sound quality was pretty awful so it was a big treat to discover this web site and download them in such excellent quality.

Congratulations to those who gathered all the masters together in such wonderful sound!

John Gassman


I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate the free downloads of your shows. I enjoy listening to the background information about my favorite radio shows.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!!


Hi, Bob,

With Arnold Dean's permission, about a year ago I added his radio shows to my big band web site, Tuxedo Junction, and to my big blog,
The Palomar.

Here are the links:

Tuxedo Junction

The Palomar
(Scroll down until you are near the bottom.)

I thought I had emailed you about this at the time, Bob. I'm sorry if I didn't.


George Spink
Los Angeles
Email:  swingera@gmail.com

(Of course, I thanked him for posting the links to our website)


 My name is Greg Bell and I’m the host and program director of XM Satellite Radio’s Old Time Radio Channel, Radio Classics. I have come across your collection of wonderful interviews and was wondering if you would be interested in having them re-broadcast on satellite radio. XM 164 is a 24/7 OTR channel with a large and growing audience that specializes in introducing the wonderful programs from the Golden Age to a whole new audience.

Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing back from you.

Greg Bell
Program Director

Radio Classics, Ch. 164
XM Satellite Radio
1500 Eckington Place NE
Washington DC 20002

(We granted permission)


And thank you for your wonderful website.

My name is Ken Greenwald and I've been working at the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters Radio Archives since 1975. I do believe I know golden age of radio quite well because of that.

Today, July 4th, I entered  your website and listened to your 1974 interview with Arnold Stang.  Loved it. But there is one question I must ask you:  When you played  the excerpt of The Life Of Riley show, are you sure that was Arnold  Stang playing Tommy, the guest at the Riley home? I don't think so. That was Gil Stratton, Jr. playing the role. Perhaps, as I was listening I may have missed Arnold Stang entering the scene for a  brief moment, but I would think you would want to show Stang off in a major role on a radio program. So, it seems to me that you dropped in  a scene with Gil Stratton, Jr. by mistake. Am I wrong here? Please check your Life of Riley except to be sure. Otherwise, I love what you two men are doing to perpetuate the Golden  Age of Radio.  Thanks again!

Ken Greenwald

And this response from Dick Bertel:

Hi, Ken,
I just spotchecked the Arnold Stang interview and you are absolutely correct.  That is NOT Arnold Stang on The Life of Riley.

Here is what must have happened some thirty odd years ago when this show was produced.  In all probability we discovered that the show was short by seven or eight minutes and we had to expand it to fill the 55 minutes of alloted air time.  I can tell by listening that my intro to Riley was recorded after the original interview.  Ed may have given us something that wasn't properly labeled and the young producers who worked with the tape didn't recognize the error.

My apologies.
Dick Bertel

Hello Bob and all -
You are doing a great job getting quality programming of interest to millions of people online.
As a radio host myself, I am quite aware of how much work goes into getting all these files online and in catalogued form.
Keep up the good work.  We will continue to let our listeners know of your "latest news" as you send it along.
With best regards
Tom Heathwood, Host:  Heritage Radio Theatre -  The Olde Tyme Radio Network

From Rochester, NY

Long overdue, this thanks thanks thanks for making all these marvelous treasures available to us!!!!!

All the best to you.

In 1961 Gene Krupa was playing at The Metropole in New York, and went to hear him, since he was a living legend.  I was playing in a rock band in nearby Seaside Heights, NJ. After they finished a set I went up to Gene, introduced myself to him and asked if I could buy him a drink.  He accepted, and we sat in a booth together chatting for a half an hour.

The Metropole photographer took a photo of the two of us together, and Gene autographed the 8 X 10 prints, which I treasure. A couple of months later I went back and he remembered my name.

I will put them on CD and listen to them in the car as we travel around the good ole USA!  Thanks for the great service.

WOW!! Thank you so much for posting this!  I tried out the Ray McKinley episode as a sample and if the rest are anywhere near as good I will be doing quite a bit of downloading.  My iPod and I are going to be VERY happy!

That picture at the top of your web page looks just like my Philco Model 52.  I bought it on ebay a few years ago and spent weeks tearing it down,  cleaning it up, replacing grill cloth and components, etc. For a 1932 radio, it plays pretty good now.

Attached is a picture of my radio right after I started to take it apart for  repair.

I took lots of pictures at the time, to document what I was doing, as it was my first vintage radio. I always wanted to listen to OTR on a real cathedral radio. I have several more vintage radios now. Funny how they multipled :-) (Note - the gentleman sent me two more photos of the finished product, below:)



I've just discovered that you've aired:  Program 17 - February, 1973 - Cab Calloway

Since I run a website about Cab Calloway, I was wondering if it was possible to offer again to my visitors (600 per month) the possibility to listen again to that show, though a link to your website.  If it's not possible, that's OK, but that would be missing a great radio show.

Thank you for your help.

The Hi de Ho Blog

(Of course, we did give him permission.)

A letter from a California listener in October, 2006:

I haven't been able to get time to listen to all these great programs each week, darn it!!  Is there a way to listen to past programs that I've missed, maybe they are archived on the internet, etc??
Please let me know how I can hear past Golden Age of Radio shows not from this current week.

(Well, that problem is now solved with all shows posted!)

From June, 2005:

Hi Bob,
I am writing to you at the suggestion of Walden Hughes.Walden and I were speaking with each other by phone this evening. I mentioned to him that I had been talking to Peg Lynch about the interview that she did  along with  Margaret Hamilton in July of 1970. As you are well aware, The Golden Age of Radio played this show a couple months ago. That is when I first heard it.When talking with Peg she mentioned she would like to have a copy of the interview. This is why I spoke to Walden. He suggested I request that you send a CD copy of the interview to me and I will get it to Peg. I am also going to discuss with Peg Walden's interest in interviewing her in a month or so. I know Peg will be very appreciative to receive a copy of the interview.
(I sent her a copy of the show)