"The Golden Age of Radio"
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Program 83 - February, 1977 - Horror Shows

Raymond Edward Johnson
Host of "Inner Sanctum Mysteries"
A history of the horror show genre on radio. Radio was born in the 1920s, boomed in the Thirties, was golden in the Forties, and busted by a monster called television in the late Fifties.   While it reigned supreme, the "Theater of the Mind" took listeners into a world made real by their own imaginations, a world of sound rather than sight, a world where the voices of actors and the ingenuity of sound effects artists gave everything plausible, sometimes terrifying life.

It was on an episode of the radio anthology series Escape that Vincent Price first made his indelible mark.  "Tired of the every day grind?  Ever dreamed of a life of romantic adventure?" Every week would ask the deep, powerful, menacing voice of William Conrad or Paul Frees.  "Want to get away from it all?  We offer you… ESCAPE!"  And a few bars from Moussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain," to set the proper mood.

On this show we'll hear excerpts from "The Witch's Tale," "Quiet Please," "Mysterious Traveler," "I Love a Mystery,"
and "Lights Out."

Many other horror shows entertained listeners; A partial list:

Lights Out
Arch Oboler's Plays
Beyond Midnight
Black Castle / Black Chapel
Black Museum
Boris Karloff Collection
Chandu, the Magician
The Clock
Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Eleventh Hour
Five Minute Mysteries
Frankenstein, 1931-325
Hall of Fantasy
Haunting Hour
Hermit's Cave
Hunchback of Notre Dame
I Love a Mystery
I Love Adventure
Inner Sanctum Mysteries

Mysterious Traveler
Mystery House
Mystery in the Air
Mystery is My Hobby
Quiet Please
The Shadow
Standby for Adventure
The Whistler
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Program 83 - February, 1977 - Horror Shows

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