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Program 82 - January, 1977 - Staats Cottsworth

Staats Cottsworth
Staats Cottsworth (1908 - 1979) was labeled "radio's busiest actor" in 1946. Cotsworth began his day with an 8:30 a.m. rehearsal for Lone Journey. The day sometimes ended after a repeat live performance for the West Coast audience of Mr. and Mrs. North, in which he played Lt. Bill Weigand. Between the two he would appear on several of the 10 daytime dramas in which he maintained running parts, although not all were concurrent. Amanda of Honeymoon Hill, Big Sister (he was the male lead for a while), Front Page Farrell (he was the best known actor in the title), Lone Journey, Lorenzo Jones, Marriage for Two, the Right to Happiness, the Second Mrs. Burton, Stella Dallas, and When A Girl Marries. Despite those, he was perhaps better recognized as the nighttime supersleuth Casey, Crime Photographer. And in his spare moments Cotsworth turned up on The Man from G-2, Mark Trail, The Cavalcade of America, The March of Time Quiz, Rogue's Gallery, and various other series.

CBS began broadcasting CASEY CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER, a B-grade detective show, running from 1943 through 1950. Written by Alonzo Dean Cole (who also wrote "The Witch's Tale") -- with assistance from creator George Harmon Coxe – the radio show featured (in addition to Staats Cotsworth as “Flashgun Casey”) the Teddy Wilson Trio the house musicians of the Blue Note Café nightclub that Casey frequents. (Jazz pianist Teddy Wilson was a noted alumnus of the Benny Goodman Trio, much better known to the public than the detective show on which he was performing!) The next incarnation of Flashgun Casey was Marvel Comics’ version. In the TV version, Casey usually shared his thoughts with his confidant, the Blue Note’s bartender, Ethelbert. Eventually, he gained a girlfriend named Ann Williams and a rookie reporter partner, Jack Lipman. Perhaps most worthy of note is that the director of the CASEY CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER TV series was none other than a young Sidney Lumet!

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Program 82 - January, 1977 - Staats Cottsworth

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