"The Golden Age of Radio"
(As originally broadcast on WTIC, Hartford, CT)

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Program 66 - September, 1975 - Joseph Julian

Joseph Julian entered radio in the early 1930s and spent three decades in the business, performing in over 20,000 shows. While not a star of the absolute first rank, he had top roles in scores of radio shows and, along the way, also served as a sound-effects man, announcer, newscaster, disk jockey, writer, and foreign correspondent. His descriptions and anecdotes about all of the positions can be found in his book, "This Was Radio." His book is also significant for its chapters on his experiences in Hiroshima shortly after the atomic bomb was dropped there, as well as on the grossly unfair blacklisting he suffered for three years as a result of McCarthyism. In a later career, Mr. Julian was a regular on TV's "Dark Shadows."

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Program 66 - September, 1975 - Joseph Julian

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