"The Golden Age of Radio"
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Program 59 - February, 1975 - David Rounds

The cast of Morning's at Seven
David Rounds, radio soap opera actor and co-author of the 1973 book, "The Soaps: Daytime Serials of Radio and TV." Mr. Rounds was also a veteran broadway actor, appearing with Nancy Marchand in "Morning's at Seven."

Soap operas, which received their names because soap manufacturers were the first sponsors, began as 15-minute radio shows that provided listeners with a means to escape their everyday problems. During the 1930s and '40s, up to 80 soap operas a day were broadcast. These included Stella Dallas, The Romance of Helen Trent, When A Girl Marries, Mary Noble, Backstage Wife, Our Gal Sunday and The Guiding Light. By their names alone, it is obvious that women have been the target audience of soap operas since their inception.

We'll hear the inside information on soaps on this program.

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Program 59 - February, 1975 - David Rounds

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