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Program 55 - October, 1974 - Sid Raymond

Sid Raymond, who got his start in radio on the Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour, replaced Charlie Cantor as Finnegan on  Duffy’s Tavern. An actor, comedian, impersonator and variety performer, Sid Raymond performed in variety, radio, cartoons, television, commercials, and motion pictures. Sid Raymond has dedicated his life to a craft that took him from the Catskill Mountains to the front in WWII, from summer stock to Broadway, and from Madison Avenue to Hollywood. Along the way he married, raised two daughters, and never gave up the desire to entertain. In a career spanning seven decades, Sid Raymond persevered at his craft, with a passion for performing that kept him going as an actor, from gig to gig, in spite of hard times, heartbreak, and virtual obscurity. The recent film, "Sid at 90:" by Howard Weinberg, not only portrays a journeyman actor but also honors the organizations—Screen Actors’ Guild, Actors’ Equity and AFTRA—that sustained him.

"Sid at 90:" presented actor/comedian/impersonator Sid Raymond, a bit player in vaudeville, radio cartoons, theatre, television drama, commercials and hollywood movies, who was still acting - and looking for work - up until his death. An inspiration for actors, older Americans, and anyone with a passion, this documentary profile challenges assumptions that celebrity defines success.

Mr. Raymond died in 2006.

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Program 55 - October, 1974 - Sid Raymond

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