"The Golden Age of Radio"
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Program 47: February, 1974 - Larry Haines

Melba Rae (Marge) and Larry Haines (Stu) in a publicity shot from
the long-running soap opera, (1951-1986)  "Search for Tomorrow."

Substantial numbers of actors, actresses, and announcers added up to $30,000 annually to their bottom lines via freelance radio assignments, a tidy sum in the 1940’s. Dashing from one broadcast center to another, often on the thinnest of time margins, they paid stand-ins to work rehearsals, hold doors and elevators and reserved taxis in advance. On their way to the good life, they were often living on a narrow edge as their voices boomed out of Atwater-Kents at myriad hours during the first half of the 20th century. At one time Larry Haines worked in eight different soap operas at the same time.

Larry Haines appeared in almost all of the major evening radio dramas, including "Gangbusters." He was often cast as a heavy. In 1951 he joined the TV cast of "Search for Tomorrow" as Stu Bergman, where he stayed for 35 years. During the same time he continued to work in radio, appearing in "X Minus One" and the "CBS Mystery Theater," to name just two.

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Program 47: February, 1974 - Larry Haines

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