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Program 19 - October, 1971 - Ed Rice

Al Jolson
Ed Rice was a writer, producer, and director of "The Shell Chateau," with Al Jolson.

After leaving the Broadway stage, Jolson starred on radio, and his shows were typically rated in the top ten. However, Jolson scored what many believe to be the greatest comeback in show business history when Columbia Pictures produced the film biography The Jolson Story in 1946, which starred Larry Parks as Jolson, lip-synching to Jolson's voice. Jolson himself made a short appearance in the film. A box office smash (it was the highest grossing film since Gone With the Wind) led to a whole new generation who became enthralled with Jolson's voice and charisma. Despite such singers as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Perry Como being in their primes, Jolson was voted the "Most Popular Male Vocalist" in 1948.

Program 19 - October, 1971 - Ed Rice

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