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Program 18 - September, 1971 - Noel Gerson

Noel Gerson, writer of over 10,000 radio shows, was a prominent writer of historical novels. He wrote some 325 books,  under his own name and many preudonyms, such as Donald Clayton Porterk, Anne Marie Burgess, Samuel Edwards, Paul Lewis, Philip Vail, and Carter A. Vaughn.

Some of his novels include  The Golden Lyre, Theodora, The Conquor's Wife, The Cumberland Rifles, Daughter of Eve, Emperor's Ladies, The Golden Eagle,  The Highwayman, The Scimitar, and That Egyptian Woman.

The discussion on this show will center on his radio career. (Of course!)

Mr. Gerson died in 1988 at age 75.

Program 18 - September, 1971 - Noel Gerson

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