"The Golden Age of Radio"
(As originally broadcast on WTIC, Hartford, CT)

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Program 13 - April, 1971 - Jackie Kelk

Ed Corcoran, Jackie Kelk, Dick Bertel
in front of Broadcast House

Character actor Jackie Kelk was born  July 6, 1923, in Brooklyn. He was perhaps best known for his radio acting as Homer, Henry's best friend, on "The Aldrich Family," or Jimmy Olsen in "Superman," but he appeared in many films and on Broadway as well.

As radio was moving into the forties, many programs were beginning to show a professionalism not heard before. Comedies became more sophisticated and more genuinely funny by moving away from a rehash of vaudville routines. One such series which began on this day was "The Aldrich Family." Henry Aldrich was like many other teenage boys of the time with his worries about relationships. If nothing else would be remembered about this series, the opening will always be around as it has been used over and over both in satire as well as commercials. As mother screams "Hen-reee...Henry Aldrich" and the adolescent cracking voice of Ezra Stone responds with "Coming, Mother!" the listeners knew they were in for some good laughs. Stone was perfect in the role which was sponsored by Jello over the Blue Network. Along with other memorable characters, Homer Brown (Kelk), Kathleen, Henry's girlfriend, and the rest of the Aldrich Family, this situation comedy series was well-designed. Stone stayed in the role, except for a stint in the military until it folded in 1953.

Program 13 - April, 1971 - Jackie Kelk

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